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About the Journal

Scientific Sports® is a peer-reviewed journal on scientific sports. Since International Kimwipe Table Tennis Association (KTTA) has been established in 2008, the concept of scientific sports has been widely known in scientific communities. The best known scientific sport is Kimwipe table tennis. Micro-pipette darts is also a famous scientific sport. However, there has been no established rules for the scientific sports. The association has considered carefully the rules, but concluded that rules for scientific sports are to be discussed in the community. Hence, we KTTA has published the only journal on scientific sports, Scientific Sports®, for every scientist and researcher to discuss the rules for scientific sports such as Kimwipe table tennis.

Scientific Sports® takes in any type of article as long as it addresses scientific sports. Suggestion for the rules, insights into the way of evaluation of the game, usage of instrument or environment or reports of meeting for the sports are suitable to submit to the journal.